Brutal Faceslapping

Vicious slaps to the face!

All articles in archive 1/2011

With his hand bound and a rope around his throat Daidra punishes her disobedient slave. She pulls mercilessly on the sling until the loser gasps for breath and lets him kiss her black heel and nylons. But she isn't satisfied with his efforts so she slaps him. The loud hitting sound shows her hard blows. Again and again she slaps his face until his cheeks are red and raw. The pathetic bastard even has the nerve to beg for mercy. Well, he will get none.

Lady Lana and Lady Pam slap her slave in this clip. He is leashed and kneeling on the ground in front of them as they pull the leash in turn and slap him with their beautiful soft palms. They also write humiliating things on his fore head just to make sure he feels like he should: Helpless and delivered.

Mistress Cleo has wrapped one poor slave in plastic foil. Next you can see her sitting on her helpless victim's chest as she begins to ask him some questions. As he didn't answer her she begins to slap his face over and over again! She turns his head around and increases the power of her slaps to make sure he suffers for her.

This slave is slapped and choked by his Mistress for his bad behave. She makes him kneel in front of her as she begins to slap his face over and over again. Then as he dared to ask her to stop she exploded in anger! How dares he to speak without her permission? She punishes him by choking him very violently.

Mistress Lea is making a short walk outside in the forest as she notices that her sexy black high heels have become quite dirty. But that's not a big problem anyway not to her then rather to her slave who is forced to clean those dirty shoes with his tongue. She begins rubbing her dirty soles all over his stuck out tongue and slaps his face in between to keep him doing a good job.

Mistress Lady Pam has forced her slave to clean her kitchen in this clip. She has leashed him and forces him to lick every dirty inch of their kitchen clean. He is doing what the Mistress told him to do while she pulls the leash to control him very violently.

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