Brutal Faceslapping

Vicious slaps to the face!

Mistress Lady Pam has forced her slave to clean her kitchen in this clip. She has leashed him and forces him to lick every dirty inch of their kitchen clean. He is doing what the Mistress told him to do while she pulls the leash to control him very violently.

Lady Countess B. has bound up her slave to a pale using a strong rope. After he was fixed there she began to torture him. She slapped his face very heavy until tears were running down his eyes. To hide his sad face she puts a mask on his head. Then she continues hurting him. This time she kicks his balls.

Mistress Lady Ceylan loves to torture her little whimps. In this clip she sits on the chest of one of them while she makes him tell her that he would love to give her his money. And since he isn't agreeing to do so the Mistress needs to slap him very hard...

This new slave applicant needs to be trained by his new Mistress. First she introduces him in pain - something he will find very often. While he is kneeling on the ground next to her she slaps his face very heavy. After she is done with that and now that his face is looking like a pumpkin she begins to torture his nipples by pulling twisting them...

Mistress Lad Lana is slapping her sissy slave who is kneeling on the ground in front of her. She made him wear her nylons on his head to cover his ugly face and to humiliate him. Then she begins to slap his face a several times while she forces him to tell her how much he loves to be her sissy maid.

Mistress Lea sits on a chair with her sexy white mules while her slave sits on the ground next to her gorgeous feet. She makes him lick her dirty shoes clean. As she notices that he does not do a good job, she begins to slap his face with her sexy bare feet. She kicks him and slaps him over and over again until he begs her to give him another chance.

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